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The Sartech Europe Group covers the entire range of needs in terms of electrical and electronic installations in the industrial and semi-industrial sector: study, design, construction, installation, commissioning and monitoring.

Aiming to guarantee total safety and the best and most modern in electrical installations for industries, we provide our customers with a large structure, both physical and professional, that meet all types of demand for industrial electrical installation services. and the best specialized service.
Predictive Maintenance
Sartech Europe Group is able to carry out the management of all maintenance tasks for your industry facilities with rigor and professionalism.
Our services include: Preventive studies, preparation of planning and execution of electromechanical, instrumentation, automation and civil services.
Execution of corrective maintenance, scheduled shutdowns, documentation and registration, management and study of the data obtained.
Predictive maintenance is a set of techniques that allows you to reduce the costs of the traditional, preventive and corrective maintenance program, through measurements and inspections, ensuring the availability and performance of your plant's equipment, machinery and facilities.
Its main mission is to optimize the reliability and availability of equipment at a minimum cost.
The most common techniques used for predictive maintenance are vibration analysis, ultrasound, visual inspection and other non-destructive analysis techniques.
Preventive maintenance
The objective of industrial preventive maintenance is to foresee any problems that a machine may have, correct them at the right time and keep the machinery in ideal operating condition and efficiency.
Corrective maintenance
Corrective maintenance is maintenance that is carried out with the purpose of correcting or repairing a failure in the equipment, machine or installation, restoring the system's operability.
The main drawback of corrective maintenance is related to the unpredictability of breakdowns and failures. What ends up raising the cost of tasks for not being scheduled.
Scheduled Stop
Routine scheduled maintenance is very effective in equipment and installations that require medium or high availability, of some importance in the production system and whose failures can cause disturbances in the company's production plan and, therefore, cannot be expected to show symptoms of failure.
Check out some industrial electrical installation services:
* Update of electrical power, control and automation diagrams and projects.
* Update and digitization of low and high voltage electrical diagrams, electrical controls, etc.
* Installations and electrical repairs in general.
* Assembly and maintenance of electrical control, automation and distribution panels.
* Lightning protection system (SPDA).
* Electrical system maintenance plans.
* Preventive and corrective electrical maintenance.
* Electric projects.

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